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Champagne for One

Sale price$19.00

Single or not, most women could use a little more solitude than the world typically offers. Like many, There is no the world of a single lady should be painted in a negative light.

Celebrate life with a glass of champagne and spa day alone. With sharp wit and sly satire, Iliff paints a picture of complete personal content, where you will finally see yourself embracing the value of solitary life and laughing along the way.

Discover an array of conversation enders and a recipe for stag stew—the secret ingredient? 4 ounces of confidence—that will leave you equipped to take on even the most clingy companions and matchmaking expectations.

Champagne for One is a delightful gift book that shines a spotlight on how to own being alone, perfect as a gift to a friend or as a treat to your solitary self.

Champagne for One Sale price$19.00